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the GiGLer

The newsletter of Greenspace Information of Greater London CIC

Collecting Projects

Local records centres provide a vitally important regional resource of ecological evidence, but working for a records centre isn’t just about collating and managing records. We get involved in a wide range of London projects where we represent the GiGL partnership and its data, and provide a suite of interpreted data products. GiGL have been involved in some fantastic projects this year.

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Making a B-Line

As most people are well aware, bees and other pollinating insects are in trouble. Honeybees, bumble bees, solitary bees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths all provide valuable pollination services for the flowers, fruits and vegetables that we grow in our parks, gardens and allotments. They are also important for ensuring that natural and semi-natural …

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The Ludwigia Front Line

Of course, having avidly read my previous GiGLer articles, you will know all about the invasive non-native species Ludwigia grandiflora. But what you might not know is that there are other types of Ludwigia growing in London as well. Meet Ludwigia x kentiana, or Kent’s Hampshire-Purslane, a nondescript small hybrid herbaceous aquatic plant currently …

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A different perspective

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment popularised the concept of ‘ecosystem services’; making sure nature is considered in decision-making by measuring and accounting for the benefits it provides to human wellbeing. The value of some services such as pollination of agricultural crops can be measured, however not all services are so easily quantified.

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Our Best Assets

Information is a valuable asset. Its value is fundamental to our role as London’s environmental data custodians and is one of the core principles that drive our data management strategies and policies. We strive to be a good quality source of open space and biodiversity data that can be used as an evidence base for decision making. GiGL do not own most …

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Interview, David Darrell-Lambert

GiGL’s Board of Directors are central to our work and our success. Their commitment and expertise helps guide GiGL and keeps us moving forward and developing. Directors are on the front line of biodiversity and open space work in the capital. They are GiGL service users and contribute to our data banks, as well as serving as ambassadors for GiGL.

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*Figures provided by

There’s nothing quite like seeing your work in print. It feels even better when it’s correctly attributed to you. As part of our function as Greater London’s environmental data hub we often get asked for facts, figures and illustrations relating to the capital’s wildlife or open spaces. These range from statistics to support our partners’ day-to-day work, …

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The i-Tree Eco Survey

This year, over three hundred volunteers from all walks of life, professionals and ordinary members of the public, came together to undertake the largest urban tree and woodland survey of its kind in the world; the RELEAF London i-Tree Eco survey. After being postponed because of the Olympics in 2012 and logistical issues in 2013, we have now succeeded …

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