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Mapping London’s Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land

CPRE London have recently published a report on London’s Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land (MOL), for which GiGL provided our expertise, including data analysis, visualisations and maps. The report aims to raise awareness of MOL and provide information on its distribution, along with that of Green Belt…

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Show & Tell: Mobilising Paper Records

Every new technology brings with it new advantages and challenges. So it has been in the world of species recording. Phone apps, websites and online recording have allowed a streamlining of the process from observer to database. Records can be uploaded at the click of a button…

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Shared Learning

Because GiGL is a not-for-profit community interest company, we often make information available for students without charging for our time. GiGL can provide relevant data that would otherwise be inaccessible …

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iRecord, You Record

Recording wildlife has never been so popular. With the advent of smartphones, wildlife recording apps, simple online ID guides, and even bird song ID apps, everyone from seasoned bird watchers to first-time kingfisher-spotters can keep track of their wildlife sightings …

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Show & Tell

Identifying areas of the highest environmental value is useful for many borough planning initiatives. One good way of doing this is by mapping green and ecological corridors. The London Borough of Redbridge approached GiGL in 2014 to discuss modelling green corridors in the borough.

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Planning Ahead

Having produced numerous reports for screening planning proposals over the last 20 years, GiGL is in a unique position to analyse how well boroughs are meeting their biodiversity screening duties. With this in mind, and hoping we can assist them in improving the efficiency of this process, we have started a new planning project.

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A New Vision

Interpreting data has always been part of the suite of services the GiGL team offers, as has presenting data on maps, and who doesn’t love a good map?Recently, we have been captivated by the power and beauty of data infographics and have started dipping our toes into other visualisation opportunities.

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Data Search Service

Recently, we have made a major change to our data search process and are now working in partnership with eCountability, an external agency set up by Bill Butcher, formerly of Somerset Environmental Records Centre. Bill and his team will deliver our data search reports for us. The reports are essentially the same as they were but are now streamlined …

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Recording Analysed 

Records centres like GiGL can do more with biological records than you may imagine. Collation and provision of data and data products is, of course, very important. However, analysis of existing records can also inform future recording efforts.

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