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the GiGLer

The newsletter of Greenspace Information of Greater London CIC

Twenty Twenty Vision

This year, Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC celebrates both a 10th and a 20th anniversary. London’s Biological Recording Project, which formed the roots of the current day GiGL, was initiated in May 1996 when Bridge House Estates (via the City Bridge Trust) provided three years’ worth of grant funding to build a partnership and run pilot projects. Since then, GiGL has vastly expanded …

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Interview, Suzie Jackman

Suzie Jackman, Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Rail and Underground, for Transport for London, as well as a GiGL Director is our interviewee for this issue. GiGL’s Board of Directors are central to our work and our success. Their commitment and expertise helps guide GiGL and keeps us moving forward and developing.

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Strategic Thinking

How can I encapsulate twenty years of records centre development in London in a single article? I could chart our history through various consultations, through the process of deciding what a London environmental records centre would look like, or through statistics that show how our data holdings have grown and improved over time.

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Simply Communicate

When communicators introduce the idea of a logical, step-by-step approach to communications planning, the common response is: “But communications is too messy for that kind of organised approach.” But this inherent messiness is exactly why it needs a linear, systematic method; to bring science to the art of communications.

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Making the Connection

GiGL is no longer the new kid on the block. One of the joys of having been around for a while, is being able to introduce people and organisations to each other. Earlier this year, we were approached by Keiron Brown of the Earthworm Society of Britain, looking for the earthworm county recorder for London. We were quick to point him in the direction of …

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Life of Churchyards

I first introduced the Diocese of London’s churchyard ecology survey to GiGLer readers in 2013, when the project was just beginning. We have now extended the scope of the project to cover the whole of Greater London, making this the first comprehensive survey of churchyards in the capital. The entire database of London churchyards …

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Verifying Odonata

Here at GiGL, we can receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of records in a week. People send us records because they have a lifelong passion for the subject, or simply because they were intrigued by something they found in their garden.

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Show & Tell

To encourage idea sharing and inspire new projects, in each GiGLer edition we will be highlighting a couple of examples of how GiGL partners have used their SLAs. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss utilising any of the services mentioned, or if you have a project using GiGL data that you would like to share.

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