Data & Insight Services

GiGL share access to data that underpin our knowledge of London’s natural environment. Data are collected once and used many times.

GiGL maintains a high quality evidence-base that we explore with and on behalf of our partners and clients.

Data users require access to data or information to comply with the law, to inform innovation and best practice, or to inform their interest in and passion for London’s natural environment.

Insights are provided via a range of services. Our data search report service provides accounts of environmental data for ecological consultants to inform their advice and reporting. Our interactive mapping provides a visual reference for users interested in knowing more about their local spaces. Biological recorders may be interested to receive local lists or distribution maps of their taxon of interest. We also provide extracts directly from our curated databases for SLA partners and researchers to analyse in house. For more examples, see the GiGLer newsletter’s ‘show and tell’ articles.